On behalf of the officers, members and staff of Local 880, I want to welcome you to your union and congratulate you on your new job. Local 880 is an aggressive, modern organization built on a proud, democratic tradition. Our union was formed almost 90 years ago by brave men and women who demanded an end to 80-hour work weeks at slave wages. From neighborhood grocery stores to ice cold meat packing plants, they sought dignity and justice in the workplace-and a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work. Through the generations that followed, contract by contact and worker by worker, Local 880 and its members built an organization strong enough to win and preserve the outstanding benefits and working conditions our members enjoy today.

    As you take your place in Local 880, you inherit everything these pioneers have won, yet share the responsibility to continue the struggle begun so long ago. Despite our past victories, we need energetic and motivated members now more than ever. Although our challenges have changed from those early days, the spirit and dedication of our predecessors remains a key to protecting what we have won and doing even better in the future.

    One of today’s biggest challenges is market share. Although we are opposing parties in contract negotiations, we and your employer are united in a fight against anti-union, anti-worker employers who compete for customers and for business. We are both hurt by employers who pay lower wages and benefits to their employees. The better you do your job, the more concerned you are about the quality of your service, the more customer conscious you are, the more successful and competitive your employer will be. And the more profitable your employer, the more successful we can be at the bargaining table. Local 880’s contracts are known throughout the UFCW for their quality health care coverage, pension benefits, and wages. With your help, we’ll keep them that way.

     Local 880 is not simply about excellent contracts and strong representation of its members. Local 880 is also active in politics, in order to protect and benefit our members. We strongly encourage all members to contribute to the ABC (Active Ballot Club) to help elect and retain in office representatives who have the interests and needs of our members at heart. Each spring Local 880 plays a key role in promoting and supporting the Harvest for Hunger campaign. Membership also means a chance to enjoy discount admissions to area attractions, and an opportunity to attend fun events. Finally, Local 880 maintains a scholarship fund to help members and children of members with their college expenses.

     So welcome, new brothers and sisters, to the 20,000-member Local 880 family. Please browse the information on this site carefully, and feel free to call us with any questions or comments.

In Solidarity,


Carl Ivka

President, UFCW Local 880

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9199 Market Place, Suite 2, Broadview Heights, OH 44147
216-241-5930 or Toll Free 800-241-5930