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I received a postcard in the mail advertising a free online college degree was being offered, sponsored by UFCW Local 880. There were a few degrees to choose from; one was an Early Childhood Degree to be a pre-school teacher which is exactly what I have always wanted to do. I figured why not give it a shot? On February 6th, I filled out the online application to Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC). I had my trans-scripts from high school faxed over to the school. By February 14th I was enrolled and signed up for their spring online classes. This is a wonderful opportunity for me. I work 30 plus hours a week, and I am helping raise a 2-year-old niece. Because the classes are online, I can log in and work on them when it’s convenient for me. There is no traffic to deal with. I do not have to try to find parking, babysitters, or worry about running late to classes. My books are free e-textbooks online. I have had to pay nothing for this chance to better myself. It is hard to believe the first semester ends in a week. I am passing this semester with straight A’s. I am extremely thankful to the UFCW Local 880 for this amazing opportunity! They are in the process of adding new degrees to their list. Maybe one of them is right for you.

Robin Clark

2-year Local 880 Member

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I am taking a couple of on-line classes through Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC), but not currently working on a degree. I can take the free classes there that I can transfer to another program!

Signing up was easy. I simply went to the Local 880 website to fill out the forms and EGCC’s staff called the next day and got me all set up. Since I live far from their campuses they signed me up for the on-line classes I needed. EGCC’s staff helps me figure out everything I need.

Andrea Rein

7-year Local 880 Member



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Since 1985 I have been a proud member of UFCW Local 880. I know what is possible with union strength as my family members are retired laborers, mine and auto workers. The union benefits have been many. Now, Local 880 offers a free college benefit.  It is a great achievement that helps union members and their families save a lot of money and stay competitive in the job market.I highly recommend taking advantage of this benefit. The process is easy, so get going. Many thanks to Local 880.

David Keener

32-year Local 880 Member

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UFCW Local 880’s partnership with Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) gives me the opportunity to pursue a degree in Business Management and enhance my skills as a manager. A no-cost college degree is a valuable benefit. I strongly encourage Local 880 members to take advantage of this offer. Thank you for giving me the ability to expand my knowledge!

David Dillon

Spouse of Local 880 Member

I am a proud UFCW Local 880 member since 2002. I work part-time in the deli department and love helping and serving our Giant Eagle Customers. It is great that Local 880’s partnership with EGCC can benefit our families in so many ways.

Kim Dillon

14-year Local 880 Member

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The fact of the matter that UFCW Local 880 talked with Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) and came up with this free college deal is wonderful. The enrollment process is very easy to get through and both Local 880 and EGCC are helpful with any problems that may happen. The benefit of free college helps a lot of people from single parents all the way to big families that may not be able to afford college. The courses are wonderful and works great with a person’s work schedule. The college staff is very helpful and has answers to any questions a person may have. To sum it all up, I’m glad that I made the decision to go back to college for my business management degree.

Michael Keener

3-year Local 880 Member

Giant Eagle

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